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Japan Story Travel is a Destination Management Company (DMC), specializing in boutique style, bespoke travel services for decerning travelers to Japan.

We are based in Kamakura, a Samurai Era capital of old Japan. While still a suburban town of greater Tokyo, Kamakura is rich in history, greenery and has lovely beach culture. 


Japan Story Travel cover the fields of Leisure FIT, Group & MICE. We mainly serve the mid-end to high-end market. We are a quality-oriented team, and our strength is in providing bespoke travel service for connoisseurs. We are also a Culture & Experience oriented team, proudly offering the opportunity for our guests to access the hidden gems of Japan and Japanese Culture.


From luxury snow holidays on the northern most island, and alternative adventure destinations to immersive Japanese cultural experiences in special settings, we cover all the territories of Japan, wherever we can provide a unique memorable experience.

Based on our rich operational experience and our extensive nationwide network, we are ready to provide the best DMC services with the special touch.


We look forward to welcome and amaze your guests, in our beautiful country.

Our mission

To offer our guests

the best experience.

Our phillosophy

Make the world
an happier place
through travel.

Who we are


What we do

Japan Story Travel provide the travel services for the field of FIT, Leisure Group , MICE and  Luxury Cruise in Japan.

Our Team craft our guest’s journey, as like an artisan works for his artwork.


We work for the art of travel.

Detailed, standout services with the special touch and passion. All our works are simply for our guest’s satisfaction.


It is always our big delight to provide the best things for our guests.

What we do



We specialize in providing bespoke travel services based on the client’s unique requirements and wishes. We have the most attractive and creative proposals at reasonable prices that will exceed the client’s expectation.



From small groups to big events, we can deliver creative MICE solutions, helping our customers achieve great success in their projects.


Experience Gallery

Let us showcase

the wonderful

 experiences, which our team have provided for our customers.






from the founder

Dear our customers,


Thank you very much for taking the time to read my message.


Please let me share my story about how I came to build this special company. 


The inspiration traces back to my student days when I started traveling on my own. After entering university, I took up snowboarding and surfing and soon fell in love with these outdoor activities. I spent a lot of time on snowy mountains and traveling to islands for surfing around Japan. Much of that time I had little money in my pocket, but I never hesitated to spend it all on the activities that I was passionate about.


Needless to say, I had a great time wherever I travelled and gained many invaluable experiences. But, in all honesty the most memorable and precious moments were with the people I met on the road and time spent with them. 

Meeting people who were passionate about their chosen activities and learning from them left a lasting impression on me. Their lifestyles impacted me greatly and influences my way of living to this day.


Our destinations are

all around Japan




1 October, 2023



Japan Story Travelは2023年10月より新法人JAPAN & STORY株式会社として活動することとなりました。皆様の変わらずのご厚情・お力添えを何卒よろしくお願い申し上げます。

尚、営業所の所在地・連絡先等についてはJapan Story Travelからの変更はございません。




*新法人JAPAN & STORY株式会社の



Renewal as

1 October, 2023

*Our Dear Valued Partners,

Thank you very much for always supporting us. 

Please let us announce that we renewed our business registration and we start working as Japan & Story Co.,Ltd. from October 2023 onward.

We appreciate your continuous support of our DMC.

Kind regards.

Kenjiro Ikeda
Managing Director / Experience Designer


Our Youtube
​channel is on

1 November, 2022

Please check out our Youtube channel to see what is available

​Japanese Sword Making and 



Our Youtube
​channel is on

October 20, 2022

Please enjoy our virtual tour to Bonsai Museum

​Online Bonsai Museum Visit


New Website launched

November 25, we launched our new website.


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